Blue Sky Design

Address: 4505 Roburn Rd
Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0
Tel: 250-335-0115 / Fax: 250-335-0895

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Established 1973 on Hornby Island, Blue Sky Design is a group of designers and crafters who have worked together for over thirty years, along with our associates and apprentices.

Our design work goes far afield, from Whistler to Nanoose Bay, to San Juan Island, to Baja, Mexico, while our building work stays closer to our island home.

Blue Sky’s community involvement is long-standing. From the early days of designing and building Hornby Island’s Community Hall and the Elementary School’s Room to Grow”, Blue Sky Design has played a strong and collaborative role. The Elder Housing Village project has, since its inception, been a focus of our company’s efforts, as have community projects as diverse as the Co-op store, the health Clinic, and affordable housing through ISLA (Islanders Secure Land Association) an affordable housing based community land trust.

Many valued folks and friends have worked with us and been mentored by us over the years. Today, we are:

Michael McNamara

Co-founder of Blue Sky Design, Michael’s studio is a hub for island design activity. When not playing tennis, skiing, or attending committee meetings for his many service-oriented commitments, he can usually be found in his studio, meeting with clients or working on his design projects. As a child, Michael actually had two separate workshops, and his design career began with the magic of puppet theatre. His early set design experience continues to be reflected in the simplicity, clarity and understated beauty of his work.

Tim Wyndham

Tim leads the “build” aspect of Blue Sky Design. His life-long relationship with Hornby Island, his artist father, his equal ease with tools and people – these and many other factors make the on-the-ground work go smoothly. He exemplifies balance, especially when it comes to skiing, where his passion plays out through close involvement with racing programs on Mt. Washington, setting downhill courses for the 2010 Olympics, and testing the latest equipment each year.

Tim and Michael have worked closely on each Hornby project for over 35 years.

Steve Peters

Steve hails from Nova Scotia where he first learned carpentry and his grounded philosophy of life. He has been with Blue Sky Design since 1981, with a 3 year stint in Vancouver as a Union scenic carpenter. Thankfully, he returned to the Hornby scene and became a board member and co-creator of Canada’s premier Blues school, the “Hornby Island Blues Workshop”. When he is not building or creating on the job, Steve plays harmonica, sings vocals in a local Blues band, gardens, cooks gourmet meals and takes care of chickens and cats.

Will Wyndham

Will came to the business naturally, having worked for Blue Sky Design since he was 18. He is an accomplished cabinet-maker and lives with his wife, Deanna and their 3 young children in Spider Lake. When not doing fine finish work for Blue Sky Design, he is working on the construction of his own family home.

Alan Friesen

Alan grew up on Denman Island, and came to Blue Sky as a full fledged carpenter in 2008. He’s a member of the Denman Island volunteer fire department, and is an enthusiastic skier, and new homeowner.

Aaron Pitt

A Lasqueti Island native, came to Hornby via Vancouver. Aaron is a master landscaper as well as a carpenter/ builder.

Storm Lampman

Storm grew up on Hornby Island, and has apprenticed with Blue Sky Design since 2010.